Experience Drum Casket

Feel sound lying inside a drum.

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Drum Casket Guidelines: What to expect?

The Drum Casket event is an experience with a small group centered around Amery Kessler's artwork, Drum Casket, a drum the size and shape of a casket. While the word "casket" has an obvious connotation, the term is also the name of a box used for holding valuables. As an attendee, you are invited to participate in any or all of three ways. 1) Lie inside the drum while others play. 2) Play on the outside of the drum. 3) Simply observe and be attentive. Amery will facilitate this experience by offering simple instructions that will allow for confident and interconnected participation.


  • Play a simple rhythm with a group.

  • Feel the vibrations of a drum that you are lying inside.
  • Take this opportunity to simply be.
  • Become one of hundreds of people who have shared this unique experience.
Participants will be asked to:
  • Be open minded and respectful
  • Thank you for respecting Drum Casket as an alcohol and drug free event
  • +18 years, or +15 years with a parent or guardian
  • Remove jewelry (rings,bracelets) in order to protect the drum surface
  • Remove shoes if/when climbing inside the Drum Casket
  • Refrain from using phones and other recording devices (pictures/video are welcomed before/after the session)
  • Sign Up  and arrive promptly
  • Review the frequently asked questions to prepare for a positive experience