Do I have to be good at drumming?

You do not have to be an experienced drummer. You will be given very simple and easy-to-follow guidance.

Do I have to get inside the Drum Casket?

You are invited and encouraged to lay inside the Drum Casket. The duration is as brief as you would like and up to approximately 5 minutes. If you perfer not to lie inside, you may also participate by drumming with the group on the outside or simply observing attentatively.

What is the meaning of Drum Casket?

Where did Drum Casket come from?

Drum Casket has been an evolving project and event. The first version was originally built by Amery in Columbus, OH while at The Ohio State University in 2005.

Where has Drum Casket been?

Drum Casket events have taken place in Ohio, New York City, within a tour of nearly 30 cities across the United States, and in Bamako, Mali, West Africa.

Is Drum Casket for all ages?

Drum Casket is for ages 18+ or 15+ with a parent or guardian. Exceptions for private events can be made in cooperation with Amery. This has worked well for school groups etc.

Why is there no talking during the actual Drum Casket session?

Prior to the session, we will talk as a group to make sure everyone is informed and comfortable. During, you will be asked to refrain from talking in order to more fully immerse yourself in the non-verbal experience.

What should I wear or bring to a Drum Casket event?

Dress comfortably. Whether this means dressing up- or dressing down- know that you will be with a group and likely stepping into a large box.

How will I participate at a Drum Casket event?

As part of the Drum Casket event group, you are invited to participate by 1) drumming with the group on the outside. 2) lying inside the Drum Casket while the group drums, and 3) by simply observing and being present.

Can I take pictures or video at the Drum Casket event?

Pictures and video are welcomed before and after the actual Drum Casket session. However, they are prohibited during the actual session as our focus will be on and within the present moment.

Can I drum from inside the Drum Casket?

Laying inside the Drum Casket, you participate by doing nothing at all.

What is it like inside the Drum Casket? Am I in controll?

Many people have described being suprised and delighted to have been inside the Drum Casket after not knowing what to expect. The shell of the drum is simply bare wood, the drum head is translucent, and there is a port hole just above the head that lets in air and light. You will have an audible clue when your turn being inside is ending- at this point, or at anytime before, you are able to raise your hand through the port hole- signialing for the group to lift the lid and help you out.

Why will I be taking my shoes off to get inside the Drum Casket?

In respect and in order to keep it clean, you will be asked to remove your shoes before getting inside the Drum Casket.

What is the Drum Casket made of?

Drum Casket is made of birch plywood. The lid is fully removable and is made of a single bison hide drumhead hand-stretched over an inset wooden frame.

How can I cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel, please let us know so we can make your spot available. We do not offer refunds, but if you let us know at least 72 hrs in advance, we will do our best to help you reschedule.

How many people have been inside or at Drum Casket?

As of now, nearly 600 people have been in Drum Casket. We look forward to this number growing as the significance of Drum Casket as a whole becomes richer with every single person and their personal experience.

Why is there only one person at a time allowed in the Drum Casket?

One person is allowed at a time inside the Drum Casket. This is a way of being both isolated from the group, while also being the center of attention without any immediate expectations.

Why is there a limit of 10 people per Drum Casket event?

10 people is the limit for Drum Casket groups. This number is a good fit for the space available around the Drum Casket and also allows for about 5-6 minutes per person laying inside. When groups larger than 10 have been interested, it has worked best to split the group into two and hold two consecutive events. If it is important to keep the large group together, we can make exceptions with enogh notice to plan accordingly. The intent is to prioritise an intimate collective experience.

Is Drum Casket a performance?

Drum Casket is better described as a shared experience than a traditional performance. There is no audience and no performer- instead we as a group will be our own 'audience' 'performing' this unique and basic act as ourselves relating with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drum Casket Guidelines: What to expect?

The Drum Casket event is an experience with a small group centered around Amery Kessler's artwork, Drum Casket, a drum the size and shape of a casket. While the word "casket" has an obvious connotation, the term is also the name of a box used for holding valuables. As an attendee, you are invited to participate in any or all of three ways. 1) Lie inside the drum while others play. 2) Play on the outside of the drum. 3) Simply observe and be attentive. Amery will facilitate this experience by offering simple instructions that will allow for confident and interconnected participation.


  • Play a simple rhythm with a group.

  • Feel the vibrations of a drum that you are lying inside.
  • Take this opportunity to simply be.
  • Become one of hundreds of people who have shared this unique experience.
Participants will be asked to:
  • Be open minded and respectful
  • Thank you for respecting Drum Casket as an alcohol and drug free event
  • +18 years, or +15 years with a parent or guardian
  • Remove jewelry (rings,bracelets) in order to protect the drum surface
  • Remove shoes if/when climbing inside the Drum Casket
  • Refrain from using phones and other recording devices (pictures/video are welcomed before/after the session)
  • Sign Up  and arrive promptly
  • Review the frequently asked questions to prepare for a positive experience