(Shade Sail)

The Shade Sail (also referred to as Shade Sail Light Path and False Binary Banner) was originally conceived as an experimental outdoor sculpture for the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY, 2021. Since then it has made an appearance at The Lookout Sculpture Park in Damascus, PA and Whetstone Park, Columbus, OH. Starting in April of 2022, the Shade Sail will be making its way to Chapman Steamer Arts and Downing Park from the west coast making stops along the way.

The Shade Sail is a large banner with a shadow that creates a sunlit path on the ground below and frames a continuous line in the sky. The banner has two distinct shapes that become indivisible as a shaded shape on the ground. Similarly, the two mirrored lines within the shapes are united as one path of light on the ground and as a continuous line of background and sky.


For me this piece has been a way to ask questions:


How can I be gentle yet connected to the earth, my environment, myself and others?


How can I look beyond the appearance of being presented with us/them, either/or, binary scenarios and instead open up to an abundance of possibilities?


How can I observe the harmony of differentiation and wholeness?

Installation at Lookout Sculpture Park, Damascus, PA

Munsee Lenape ↗

August 2021